Ort der Vielfalt

Unser Leitbild

Our Overall Concept

Declaration of diversitiy, tolerance, acceptance, equal rights and democracy

We are convinced about the positive impact of diversity for Ludwigslust as well as for its citizens. 

The following is important for Ludwigslust

- Diversity
- Tolerance
- Acceptance
- Equal Rights
- Democracy

To reach all that, certain campaigns are being performed: All citizens of Ludwigslust must be treated respectfully

The following is not important

- their gender
- their nationality
- their ethnical origin
- their religion
- Their view of life 
- Their physical and mental abilities
- their age
- their sexual orientation
- their social position, hence their professon, their income or the area where they live, their social position, hence their professon, their income or the area where they live, their character and personality

The city of Ludwigslust rejects the following

- extremism
- hostility towards strangers
- antisemitism


the following principles should be applied: 

  1. We adhere to democratic values and to tolerance.

We know, that one can have diferent opinions referring to the upper but: these opinions are only acceptable when they respect the law.

  1. By our actions we support tolerance, democracy and diversity
  1. Integration only works if all citizens cooperate.
  1. Integration only works when applied in all areas of daily life.
  1. We support the following:
  • commitment shown by the citizens
  • Thoughtfulness in view of democracy
  • the possibility that all people are being involved
  • transparancy, accessible information about everything happening in Ludwigslust
  1. We support the cooperation of democratic groups in our city.
  1. We support people iin order to improve their abilities.thes abilities are the requirement for a democratic and tolerant coexistence.

These capabilities include

  • everyone should tolerate different opinions
  • everyone should tolerate people who act different from oneself
  • everyone should think about ones own prejudices
  1. We support people in order to be able to participate in all walks of life. We try to reduce obstacles.
  1. Conflicts do occur, when people work and live together. We want to reflect our accostumed way of thinking and conduct.